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Association of parental supply of alcohol with adolescent drinking, alcohol-related harm, and alcohol use disorder symptoms: a prospective cohort study

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Does Socioeconomic Advantage Lessen the Risk of Adolescent Substance Use?

(Intro- click title for full study) The ASU group’s most recent study followed two existing groups of adolescents from an affluent northeastern suburb for 10 years—through high school, college and into young adulthood [until age 27 (Luthar et al., 2017)]. They were particularly interested in three questions: a) Did these adolescents “mature out” of their […]

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NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator

NIH has launched an online Alcohol Treatment Navigator. It’s a website that helps people explore all the evidence-based options. The site is user-friendly. A list of questions helps determine the best treatment choices. A brief survey helps to determine the range or severity of a problem. The site also connects people to directories of providers. You can type […]

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WWLP News on Marijuana as Medicine in Northampton

Coordinator Marisa Hebble spoke with WWLP at the City Council meeting regarding the marijuana as medicine ordinance in Northampton. Click here for the video.  

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NPC Statement on Medical Marijuana Regulations and Youth

On Wednesday, February 27th, 2013, NPC Coordinator Marisa Hebble spoke at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Listening Session for Medical Marijuana Regulations. Click here to read the statement: Medical Marijuana Listening Session Statement

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