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NPC Cosponsoring Teen Brain Event in Northampton

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NPC is delighted to be cosponsoring this exciting event featuring Dr. Ruben Baler, Health Scientist from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).

Grey Matters: Protecting the Developing Brain

To fully understand how young developing brains are impacted by alcohol and drug use, sleep, food and other influences, we must first understand the evolution of the brain and how it has adapted to environmental and social changes. What happens when mass media and technology evolve faster than our brains can adapt? This workshop will explain how the interaction between biological and environmental factors impacts brain circuitry and human behavior. We will look at how protective influences can positively affect the brain, and how we can reduce the risk of alcohol and drug use among youth in our communities.

Friday, December 6th
Northampton Senior Center
67 Conz St, Northampton, MA

Cost: $15

CLICK HERE to register for this event.


*Please note: When arriving for this event, please park in the spots furthest from the building, to leave the spaces closest to the building available for visitors to the Senior Center.

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