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Preventing teen substance use is our
collective responsibility

NPC Parent Link

The Northampton Prevention Coalition’s Parent Link is a digital directory and tool kit for parents and guardians of students at Northampton High School, JFK Middle School, and Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School. The directory is designed to help you reach other parents and guardians. The tool kit is a collection of resources that can help you to navigate the complexities of raising teens. Inside you will find tips on how to make communication with your teens easier, how to find common ground with other parents and guardians, and more. So please peruse its contents.

The Parent Link directory is housed within the secure portal system supported by your child’s school. So, for NHS and JFK students this directory is on Aspen. For SVAHS students, this is on Plus Portal. When you log in you will see a pdf document on the home page. This directory was designed to help parents and guardians get into contact with each other, but its bigger purpose is to normalize reaching out. We have all heard the expression, “It takes a village.” It is our hope and intention that this directory supports this adage and that the accompanying tool kit is of service as a resource on how to have meaningful conversations with your teens; including how to tackle difficult conversations with them and how to ask other parents/guardians the questions you need to ask to ensure that you feel comfortable having your kids in their home ( and vice versa). You will also find information about limit setting, the difference between adult substance use and youth substance use, why the Social Host Laws are essential for every family to become familiar with, and a resource list of area providers of mental health and substance use services.